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What We Offer

Set up for editors, producers, writers and designers, the Atlanta Film Foundry features Film and TV production office space as well as coworking desks.  The office spaces are fully furnished with everything you need to get your projects done efficiently and quickly. Enjoy a kitchenette, and an on-site cafe for light refreshments between meetings and post-production sessions.

There is no need to worry about hiring janitors for the offices or contracting with a security firm to keep the premises and your staff members safe after hours. The Atlanta Film Foundry has already taken care of that and ensures continued cleanliness of all the office spaces and common areas you use.

There is little doubt that the Atlanta Film Foundry is the perfect location for the post-production tasks that need to be done in close proximity to the nearby studios. The setup of the office spaces is a model of convenience. Just bring your laptop, plug in your computer and you are ready to start work. 

Additional Amenities include:

  • 24/7 building access
  • Pre-installed voice, data and high speed internet
  • Printing and office supplies available
  • Professional reception area, janitorial and 24 hour security surveillance
  • Secure parking

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